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discuss all things related to poker tells. What exactly is a poker tell?
In a word : behavior. A poker tell is any behavioral pattern that a player exhibits which can tip you off to what they hold.

If you're just beginning at poker, this probably isn't the site you're looking for. You won't find a list of what hands beat a flush or a rundown of Texas Hold Em Rules. But if you've already put some time into your game and are looking for solid advice on how to read you opponents better, you have come to the right place!

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There is no substitute for a solid understanding of poker fundamentals... if you are just starting out at poker, this site should not be as helpful to you as other sites which talk about poker basics such as pre-flop strategy or when to slowplay a set. But understanding how instinctual behavior exhibits itself during a hand (a poker tell) will take your poker game to the next level. In these pages, you'll find plenty of information which will help you learn the ins and outs of poker tells, including :

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